Thursday, February 08, 2007

Intuitive Diagnosis, Medical intuition & Medical Intuitive Diagnosis for Sports Injuries and Sports Medicine Panel Discussions

Brent Atwater, Medical Intuitve & Distant Energy Healer invites you to join us for our panel discussions.

Intuitive Diagnosis, Intuitive Healing, Medical intuitive Diagnosis and Medical Intuition are becoming more integrated with traditional medicine. Below are upcoming Presentations and Panel Discussions:

February 23, 2007. The Rhine Research Center, Durham, NC 919-309-4600
Friday, 7:30-9pm.
Intuitive Medical Diagnosis: Historical, Research and Experiential Perspectives.
by Larry Burk, MD, RRC Board of Directors

March 23-25, 2007 The Rhine Research Center of Durham, NC 919-309-4600
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Saturday March 24 : 2-3:30 Panel Discussions: Intuitive Diagnosis:
Dr Larry Burke- Chair,
Panelists: Brent Atwater, Mary Jo Bulbrook, PhD
Myrtle Beach, SC at Holiday Inn-West

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